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Moser (PTY) LTD

Welcome to Moser Industries, a part of the Honingcraft Group of Companies. Moser Industries has been the Home of Hardchrome in Africa since its establishment in 1946.

Moser Reception

Industrial hardchroming has been around since 1920, and modern techniques were first used successfully by Fink in the USA and Liebreich in Germany. French Engineering Works (FEW) brought chroming technology to Africa to serve the repair needs of the newly mechanised mines of the late 1940’s. FEW experienced great success with its hardchroming techniques, and later a separate company was started to focus solely on the mining service business, called Moser Industries.


Moser Industries is the company who made commercial Chroming available to the open market in South Africa, and is considered to be the company who brought hardchroming to Africa!


Moser Industries is the heart of life extension for Rock Drills, Locomotive- and Ship Engine Liners, Mine Pumps and Hydraulic Cylinder Rods and Barrels.

Today, it’s hard to think of any of these products without at least some components being Moser Hardchromed.

Our business is life extension